New ground penetrating tree radar unit arrives

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new specialist Tree Radar Unit!

This machine, developed in the USA, is the first of a highly advanced specification to arrive in the UK, and a significant step up from previous models.

What does it do?

The unit is ground penetrating radar, meaning scans can be carried out without the need for any excavation or disturbance to the site.

Earlier models were able to plot the location, spread and depth of tree roots.

Our unit, using sophisticated ground penetrating radar technology, has the ability to do all this, with the added capability of determining the critical diameter of tree roots.

So how is this useful?

  • Tree radar technology can be used where there are concerns over the health or retention of trees.
  • It will determine with accuracy the spread, location and density of roots to assist with the design of buildings, roads, utilities and structures on a given site.
  • It can determine positions of tree roots in the vicinity of important structures, including listed buildings or Scheduled Monuments, without the need for potentially damaging ground investigation.
  • It can be used to carefully position pile foundations around identified roots to minimise damage.
  • It can prove or disprove allegations of root severance.
  • It can assist in informing insurance claim decisions in connection with root damage.
  • It can also be used in a hand held configuration to scan tree stems to check for decay and determine the extent of decay and remaining sound wood.
  • This can also assist ecologists in identifying cavities in tree stems that could be harbouring roosting bats.
  • This is all just a quick snap shot as we are all currently working to meet the inevitable Christmas deadlines.

More information will follow but in the meantime if you need any further information about how this revolutionary new piece of kit can assist you, please just call us and ask to speak to Ian Lee the head of our Arboricultural department.

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